Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Party

My daughter Talya just turned 1 so we decided to celebrate with a rainbow birthday party!  This was so much fun to plan!  Here are some of the things we included in the party.


This was so easy!  We used a steam cleaner vacuum box for this and it was perfect.  I laid a bowl on top and traced around to make the circles.  I taped down some large white paper and glued construction paper circles on top.  This was a FREE project to make!  What could be better than that?  Here is where I got the idea Bean Bag Toss.

Below are the steps I used to make the bean bags to go with the cornhole set.  Use any fabric you have lying around, as long as it does not have metallic thread.  I used my husband's old sleepy pants, fleece, corduroy, and cotton.

Cut squares of fabric using pinking shears (to create the zig zag effect).  My pinking shears were $12.49 at JoAnn Fabrics before my 40% off coupon.

Sew around the entire square of fabric leaving a 1.5" inch opening.

Using a funnel, slide the funnel in the opening you left and put the corn in.  I purchased 25 lbs of corn from my local feed mill, which was enough to make 46 bean bags and still have some left over.  You can also use rice, but that is much more expensive if you need to use a large amount.  DO NOT OVERFILL!!!  If you do it will be really hard to sew close.  Use way less than you think you need.

Sew around the ENTIRE bean bag one more time, to ensure that it is double stitched.  These need to be especially secure if little ones will be playing with them.

So much fun!


To round out the rainbow theme we made rainbow cake for the adults and cupcake cones for the kiddos!  A lot of fun to make!  

Mix one standard cake mix with 1 12oz can of Sprite/Sierra Mist (or 1.5 cups).  Look how fizzy it is!

Divide the batter between bowls and add gel food color (not liquid) as the colors will not be as bright.

Spoon into the pan in a random pattern.  When it bakes it keeps the marbley rainbow effect- so cool!  I don't have a picture of the finished cake- sorry!

For the cupcake cones, stand cake cones in a muffin pan and fill the cones about 2/3 full.  Bake at 350 degrees for 19-24 minutes.  Frost, add sprinkles, and a cherry!

Rainbow Jello was a little labor intensive, but totally worth it and delicious!  I used a giant punch bowl so you could really see all of the layers.  This was for a party, and I'm glad I did a trial run a few weeks back because I discovered I needed to double all of my layers so they would show up better.  Here are the steps to create this awesome dessert:

However many colors of Jello you would like (the above photo had 13 boxes)
Cool Whip

Boil one cup of water and add to one box of jello in a bowl.  Take 2/3 cup of that color and pour it into your mold.  Let it gel, about 30-40 min.  Make sure it is completely set or the next layer won't work.  While it is setting, add enough Cool Whip (a few tbsp) to the remaining liquid Jello until it equals 2/3 cup.  Pour this over the first layer you made.  Wait for it to completely set before starting the process over with a new color!

We also served rainbow Goldfish crackers and included them in the goody bags as well.  You can never have enough rainbow!

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