Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bzz Campaign #2 Buitoni Riserva Crab Ravioli

Not long after I received my first campaign from BzzAgent, they were nice enough to give me a second campaign.  This one was for Buitoni pasta.  I have never tried Buitoni pasta before because I always figured the price would be too high.  Since this one was free for the campaign I had nothing to lose.  While buying my pack, I noticed the other packs were 20% off, and if I used my $1.50 Buitoni coupon they would end up being about $2.00 per pack, which is enough to feed 2 adults.

I purchased the Riserva Crab Ravioli.  They also had Shrimp Scampi, but I hate shrimp, so obviously that was out.  There was only one way listed on how to prepare them, which was boiling them.  My husband got creative and decided to coat them in bread crumbs and flour and fry them instead. 

I think I was putting away laundry upstairs when my husband was making these, but I asked him to take pictures.  And he did.  Wasn't that sweet of him???

When they were finished we served them up with some marinara sauce for dipping.  I don't even think we used forks.  We ate like cavemen. 

As  you can see my hubby enjoy eating them as so did my 4 year old.  What???  A 4 year old liked eating crab?  Why, yes she did.  If I told her they were crab she probably would say "I don't like that" (without even trying it).  Maybe she ate it because they were fried, but I'm a happy mom when the kiddos eat dinner without a fight.  Thank you Buitoni and BzzAgent, for letting us try your product.  I will definitely buy more!

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