Thursday, June 19, 2014

White Chocolate Chip Cookies/Trip To St. Louis

It's been awhile!  I guess life with two young kiddos can keep you busy!  I'm glad to be back and I plan to post on a regular basis!

Two weeks ago I had planned a trip to St. Louis, Missouri to visit my good friend, Nicole.  I wanted to make some munchies for us to enjoy when I got there.  I looked in my pantry and all I found were white chocolate chips.  I was too lazy to go down to the stockpile and get regular chocolate chips, so I figured I would make do with these.  I started searching on Pinterest for a recipe that would use white chocolate chips.  First of all, I LOVE Pinterest!  There were a ton of recipes to choose from.  I picked this one in particular because the cookies in the photos looked really yummy!   The cookies were quick to whip up, and they were soft and gooey and tasted fantastic!  Here are how mine turned out: 

If you would like the recipe please click on the link below:

The trip to St. Louis was great!  Nicole and I walked down a little strip in nearby St. Charles and browsed in these cute little shops.  I found a shop with dirt cheap spices, and we even tried chocolate covered bacon!  Yum!  I also had the most amazing salad of my entire life at a little pizza shop called Talayna's.  Hope I spelled that right, Nicole!

St. Louis also has an incredible zoo- with FREE admission.  Here are a few photos from our visit:

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