Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stuffing Meatballs

We have a busy night and I had the opportunity to make dinner ahead of time.  Tonight's menu?  Stuffing Meatballs, Salad, and Rolls.

I find a lot of my recipes from Taste Of Home.  This one was no exception.  The great thing is, this recipe only has 4 ingredients!  You can find the link to it here: Stuffing Meatballs.

Here is my little helper, crushing up the stuffing.  If your dry stuffing mix is in cubes, place it in a ziploc baggic and crush it with a rolling pin.

The meatballs only have 2 ingredients.  The brown up quickly in a pan.

While the meatballs were browning, I whipped up some salads.  If you are making them ahead of time just cover with saran wrap and put in your fridge.

Here is the finished product.  All I have to do now is heat up the rolls.  I recommend Rhodes Garlic Butter Rolls.  Where I shop I can get them for $1.00 with a coupon.  These are so yummy!!!

If you have any quick and easy recipes, please share the recipe or link!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have been wanting to start a blog for months.  I am constantly doing craft projects, cooking, baking, doing something fun with my kids.  Every time I do one of these, I think "If I had a blog I would share this".  Well, I started my blog last week, and have had the most boring week ever!  So sorry, that I have not posted more.

I would like to share about my couponing experience at the grocery store tonight.  If you are new to couponing and would like a little help, just let me know!  I am not quite as savvy as the people you might see on TV, but I've got a pretty good start and it helps our family quite a bit.

Here is how I did tonight:
1 FREE travel packet of Tide detergent
2 FREE tubes of Colgate toothpaste
3 FREE jars of Vlasic pickles (my daughters eat these by the handful)
2 cans of Pure Silk shaving cream for $0.14 each
1 box Nature Valley Granola Thins for $0.50

Did you use coupons this week?  Share your best finds!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homemade Drumsticks

My first post!!!  Thanks for reading this.  Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions as I am new to blogging.  If you could share the link with your friends or on your page that would be great!

A few weeks ago I was viewing a blog I check out often- Homemade By Jill.  She had a link over to Skip To My Lou for homemade rhythm instruments!  I made the drumsticks only.  If you decide to make these for your little ones a few tips- don't use Crayola washable paint.  It will get soaked up on the wood and will not show up.  I bought 6 packs of paint in different color schemes at JoAnn Fabrics for $1 each set.  I only needed two coats of paint.  Here is another tip, check out the dowels at the hardware store.  I had to go back because when they were cut the pieces were unbelievably uneven and crooked.  Make sure they are pretty close to even.  Another shortcut I did was purchasing spray on polyeurethane.  I did not feel like messing with a can and a brush.  I found this at my local hardware store.

Good luck making these drumsticks.  Your children will love them!

So how did I do on my first post???