Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homemade Drumsticks

My first post!!!  Thanks for reading this.  Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions as I am new to blogging.  If you could share the link with your friends or on your page that would be great!

A few weeks ago I was viewing a blog I check out often- Homemade By Jill.  She had a link over to Skip To My Lou for homemade rhythm instruments!  I made the drumsticks only.  If you decide to make these for your little ones a few tips- don't use Crayola washable paint.  It will get soaked up on the wood and will not show up.  I bought 6 packs of paint in different color schemes at JoAnn Fabrics for $1 each set.  I only needed two coats of paint.  Here is another tip, check out the dowels at the hardware store.  I had to go back because when they were cut the pieces were unbelievably uneven and crooked.  Make sure they are pretty close to even.  Another shortcut I did was purchasing spray on polyeurethane.  I did not feel like messing with a can and a brush.  I found this at my local hardware store.

Good luck making these drumsticks.  Your children will love them!

So how did I do on my first post???

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  1. I think I can comment now! Looks good! I had to manually type in my name and website, it didn't recognize me from blogger already.